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Test based management and control of energy loads for the TUCer prototype electric cars

The first prototype testbed developed by TUCer team
Testbed's 3d model
The main parts of the testbed and electric car in action, 1: car battery, 2 and 8: electric motor controllers, 3 and 7: electric motor/generator, 4 and 11: gear box, 5: car's driving wheel, 6: rotating cylinder, 9: electronic load, 10: microcontroller
Testbed's powertrain

This project is aiming to the development of a testing bed for the TUCer prototype electric cars. The testbed will be able to:

  • function as a dynamometer for measuring the performance and efficiency of the TUCer prototype electric cars,
  • simulate a deceleration of the car to study and log data during regeneration of energy, measure the recovered energy and
  • automate several experimentation scenarios.

Related Publications

  • I. Sapounis, Test based management and control of energy loads in an electric car, Diploma thesis in Greek, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Greece, 2017 pdf
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